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AmiChart™ is the friendly, powerful, easy to use tool for creating animated column, line and pie graphs.

A simple setup wizard means you'll be displaying your data in dynamic, eye-catching ways in minutes. Download AmiChart and try it free for 15 days.

 'I have been looking for software like this for 3 years... Your tools were so easy to use and very customizable. My client loves the results.'

David Kaufman,
DK Worldwide

Use AmiChart to:

  • Show any type of data on a website in an engaging, high impact way.

  • Display company reports - bring boring, ordinary data to life - keep people awake in your presentations!

  • Spruce up your PowerPoint presentations with AmiChart. AmiChart charts can be embedded into PowerPoint presentations quickly and easily.

  • Convey your next big idea in a compelling, convincing, high impact way with some AmiCharts.

  • Download the free evaluation now to try it for yourself

Remember to check the Release History page regularly for updates.

Check out the new features here: new features.