AmiChart Product Range

The AmiChart product range includes two products: AmiChart Studio is for people wishing to create charts using data they enter by hand, paste from Excel or import from a text file. AmiChart generator is a product that runs on your Windows based webserver and can generate charts on demand for your website using 'live' data.

AmiChart Studio

The AmiChart Studio allows anyone to create high impact, impressive animated charts from a variety of static data sources. The data can be user entered, pasted from Excel or read in from a text file. If you want the ability to create charts 'on the fly' from frequently changing live data feeds then you will need AmiChart Generator. For the display of infrequently changing data most people will only need AmiChart Studio.


AmiChart Generator

AmiChart Generator includes AmiChart Studio to allow the same fast, easy creation of chart designs but it also includes a 'generator' component that can run on a Windows based webserver and generate charts from live data feeds via data provided in a text file.

Example AmiChart Generator scenario

Say your company runs a survey asking people their opinions on various issues or maybe on how they rate your products. A database associated with your webserver collects all of this survey data. To display this data on your website using an AmiChart created site all you need to do is regularly (maybe every half hour) generate a text file (eg., a comma separated file) from the data in the database and then tell AmiChart Generator to read that data and produce a new chart that displays the updated data. It's that simple!