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How do I add an AmiChart to a web page?

The easiest way to add an AmiChart to a web page is to copy it from the HTML file that was generated by AmiChart to preview the chart and paste it into the HTML page that you want to contain the chart.

    • Open your HTML editor and then choose File|Open.
    • Locate the appropriate .htm file in your AmiChart directory (usually C:\Program Files\AmiChart)
    • Select the icon representing the chart in the HTML page (Some versions of FrontPage show this as a large red X) and choose Edit|Copy.
    • Open the HTML page that you want the chart to appear in.
    • Move the cursor to where you want the chart and choose Edit|Paste.
    • Save the HTML file and upload it to your webserver.
    • Upload the corresponding .swf file that is your chart's Flash movie to your webserver.
Note: If you use a "personal web" with FrontPage you can add the .SWF to your personal web area so that FrontPage will automatically upload it next time you perform an upload using FrontPage.
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What are the minimum PC requirements for installing AmiChart


The minimum requirements for AmiChart are:
    • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista or Windows 7
    • 3MB Hard disk space
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I have set up a file data source but the .swf animation only updates when I generate the chart from within AmiChart. Why?

The AmiChart creates charts from data in a File Data Source only when you are in the AmiChart application. If you need dynamic chart generation you need to purchase the AmiChart Generator and install it on your web server. It is capable of generating charts from text data files on demand by invoking it via its command line interface.

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What can I do with an AmiChart license?

An AmiChart license entitles the license holder to run AmiChart on a their normal PC plus an additional portable PC (eg., a laptop). The license holder is entitled to use the intuitive point and click interface to create charts as Flash movie files (.SWF). These .SWF files can be uploaded to the license holder's web site or any other web sites that they wish to upload them to. For more details on licensing see license.txt in the installation directory.

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I can't get AmiChart Generator to generate charts. What is wrong?

Make sure that the version of AmiChart Generator that you are using is the same or later that the version of AmiChart application that you use to create the chart database (chartsys.dbs file). An older version of the generator may not be able to read a chartsys.dbs file created with a newer version of the AmiChart application.

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When I perform a key request I see a message like "File error: Can't open order.htm". How can I fix this?

Make sure you download the latest version of AmiChart. This was a problem that occured on earlier versions of AmiChart when running on XP, Vista or Windows 7.

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In installed the latest version and now it opens in evaluation mode. Why?

Due to software piracy of AmiChart we had to introduce a new key mechanism as of version If you have installed this or a later version you will need to upgrade your key - this is a free process. Simply choose 'Request key', fill our the form and make sure you leave the 'Order number' field empty.