AmiChart Studio Features


Wizard guides you step by step


AmiChat is a wizard based application that follows an easy to use, step by step approach to creating or editing a chart.

Charts play in the Flash plugin


AmiChart animated charts are deployed as Flash (.swf file) movies and play in the Adobe Flash player plugin. The Adobe Flash plugin is installed in 99% of browsers on the internet so your site visitors will be able to see your charts immediately, without the need to down or install any software.

A wide variety of column chart styles


AmiChart supports a wide variety of charts with an X and Y axes: column charts, stacked column charts, line graphs. For each type there are a wide variety of animations for each type.

Pie Charts - like you've never seen before


AmiChart provides an amazing array of pie chart styles and animations.

Data Input


Charts are created from a flexible array of data sources. Your can add your data to AmiChart Studio in any of the following ways:

  • Copy and paste from a spreadsheet (eg., Microsoft Excel).
  • Import data from a delimited text file (eg., a comma, semi colon or tab delimited file .csv)
  • Enter the data directly by hand.

Interactive Graphs


Choose the "display values" option for column charts and the value of each column appears when the user moves the mouse over the column.

Reusable Chart Styles specify the look and feel of a chart


AmiChart lets you easily and simply create and manage a set of chart styles that you can merge with any data source to create a new chart.

  • Reuse a chart style in many different charts
  • Make a set of charts with similar look and feel (eg., with your corporate colors) but with different data.
  • Customize existing styles
  • Create new styles


AmiChart Generator Upgrade - advanced edition for "On the fly", live chart creation


With the advanced AmiChart Generator edition you can even produce charts on the fly for your website by running AmiChart Generator on your webserver and have it generate charts from data contained in a generated text file. AmiChart generator is more appropriate to high end users who require charts that can be generated 'on the fly' 24/7 from live data.

You can upgrade from the standard AmiChart Studio to AmiChart Generator for a modest fee and use all of the charts that you created with AmiChart Studio with AmiChart Generator to make them 'on the fly' charts displaying live data.