Take a walk through chart creation

After you download and install AmiChart the chart creation wizard takes you through these easy steps:

  1. Choose the type of chart: This lets you specify whether you want a 2 dimensional chart such as a line graph, column chart etc., or a one dimensional chart like a pie chart.
  2. Creating a data source. A data source tells AmiChart where to obtain the data for your chart. This can be data that is entered directly by the user, copy/pasted from Microsoft Excel or it can also be from a text data file (eg., .comma separated text file format).
  3. Editing the style of your chart. This is how you tell AmiChart what your chart should look like and how to animate it. AmiChart provides a preview of your chart right within the application so that you can see the result of your changes immediately.
  4. Specify filenames. In this step you can specify the names of the Flash .swf movie file and the name of the HTML file to use to provide a browser preview of your chart.
  5. Simply upload .swf file to your website and add the embed code to a HTML page on your site and your chart is there for all the world to see.

It's that easy!