Version History

Each time we release a new version of AmiChart we list the enhancements/fixes it contains right here. Be sure to check this page regularly.


  • Added 'Embed code' field that provides the necessary HTML code to embed a chart in a web page. The HTML code can be copied from the field and pasted into your HTML editor.


  • Due to the high popularity of AmiChart it has been the subject of software piracy and so we had to introduce a new key mechanism. After installing this version you will need to upgrade your key in order to avoid evaluation mode. Existing licensees will need to request a new key the first time they install this or a later version. The key request process is free for existing users and only takes a couple a minute or two to complete. The new key will work with all further 1.x releases of the product.


  • Fixed problem with incorrect .swf being generated after deleting a series.
  • Added code to detect conflicts caused by deleted series and repair the chart database.
  • Improved text quality of moving text by reverting to standard Flash text rendering engine.


  • Enhanced Text Quality: Uses advanced text rendering engine in the Flash player to produce cripser, cleaner, less furry text in charts, legends, titles etc,.