Versions prior to 2008/3/20
Bug fixes
    • Fixed problem with clustered column charts using 'fade in' effect not showing columns for negative values. 2006/7/18
    • Improved "trial" experience. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding use of the tool. 2006/6/29
    • Added support for stacked column charts. Turn this on in the "Plot Area" property sheet in the style form. Stacked columns display the column elements for each series in a category stacked on top of each other instead of clustered beside each other so that the series values for each category are visually "summed" together. 2006/6/23
    • A massive amount of new configurable chart style attributes have been added. Chart data elements can now be made to look much more slick and attractive using a combination of gradient fills and alpha transparencies. Configure these attributes via the "Element Appearance" button.
    • The thickness of lines in line graphs can now be accurately specified. Configure line thickness and line transparency by clicking on the "Element Appearance" button.
    • In the legend the colored rectangle showing the series color is now outlined.
    • Horizontal grid lines are now painted with some alpha transparency to make them more subtle.
    • The "trial" is now fully functional - the "AmiChart Evaluation" message is no longer produced in charts created when in "trial mode" and values are not randomly adjusted. The charts produced in trial mode are now produced exactly as they are produced in a licensed installation of the product.
Bugs Fixed
    • Improved text rendering - fixed occasional artefacts (extra pixels) left behind when "animated category text" style was used.
    • Fixed number formatting problem that occasionally occurred with negative numbers. 2006/5/18
    • User interface now employs a new skin style.
Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed a major issue that occassionally caused an error: after which the app shuts down, and then trying to run the app again generates another error because the chartsys.dbs has not been correclty saved and is corrupted. If this error has occurred with your system and you can not restart AmiChart you will need to use Windows Explorer, locate the file chartsys.dbs in the AmiChart installation directory eg., "c:\program files\amichart" and then rename it to something else eg., chartsys1.dbs. 2005/12/6
    • Enhanced descriptions of AmiChart Generator usage in the help file.
    • Generated HTML files now explain the blocked active content warning which only occurs when running chart animations from local storage - the warnings do not display when HTML/chart animations are loaded from a webserver. 2005/12/4
    • Generated SWFs now enhanced so that they work when embedded in another SWF movie using the loadMovie function. 2005/11/21
  • Enhanced UI with new 'skin'.
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed problem with the generator
  • .
1.5.2 2004/4/23
  • The loading page now has a progress bar that indicates progress of the chart download.
    • No longer quickly flashes "LOADING" momentarily when starting a movie that has already been cached by the browser.
    • Improvements to the internal Flash (.swf) exporter.
Bugs Fixed
  • Columns in a column chart now have a minimum width of 1 pixel to ensure that they do not become invisible when large numbers of samples would cause the width to tend to 0 width.
    • In a line graph each series can now have up to 3000 samples. In previous versions line graphs could only handle 200 samples per series.
    • Line graphs now scale to fill entire width of graph area even with large numbers of samples. Previously with large numbers of sample the line graphs could tend to compress to the left leaving the right hand side of the graph empty.
    • The "Show every nth category value" option now also skips division markers on the Y axis instead of skipping just the text. This means that on high density graphs the division markers no longer join up forming a solid thick axis line.
1.5.1 2004/1/29
  • The custom colors that you set up in the color picker dialog are now saved whenever you close AmiChart and reloaded each time you start AmiChart.
Bugs Fixed
  • Previously when selecting a custom color from the color picker dialog the color was displayed as black but appeared as white!
1.5.0 2003/12/04
  • User can now specify number formatting (ie., number of decimal places, use of thousands separator, scientific - showing exponent, accounting - bracketted negative values) for numbers shown on the Y scale, values shown when "mouse over" is turned on and pie graph percentages.
    • For file data sources: AmiChart automatically analyses the file to determine the delimiter. If it is different from the selected delimiter it will ask you if you want to change it.
    • For file data sources: The filename of a datasource is stored as a relative name if it is located underneath the AmiChart directory otherwise it is left as an absolute name.
    • Better error handling: AmiChart now handles errors resulting from incorrect data source settings and provides informative messages to help guide you towards adjusting those settings. 2003/11/21
- Fixed "VCL50.BPL" not found error when AmiChart starts up. 2003/11/20
- Fixed "invalid floating point operation" which occured while generating a chart in certain circumstances on some PCs.
- Fixed a long standing problem that caused certain fonts to be rendered incorrectly or not at all when displaying charts in a browser. Fonts that exhibited the problem include Papyrus, Rough Draft, Tooney Noodle - they all work now. 2003/8/28
- Data sources and styles are now selected just by clicking them. Users no longer have to select and then click "Apply" to change a data source or chart style.
- Building Preview... message appears when building chart previews. 2003/7/25
- Removed a redundant warning message that appeared when user selected a destination file that contained spaces anywhere in the filename and path not just within the filename. 2003/3/11
- Fixed an "Illegal floating point operation" error that could occur when series were added and then deleted.
- Frame rate changed to 20 fps to reduce the size of .swf files even more but maintain smooth animation.
- Fixed a "freeze" when there was only one series value and it was very large. 2003/2/26
- Fixed a problem that could cause loading issues in rare situations. 2003/2/22
- .SWF files are now up to 20% smaller (which means they download even quicker) due to the latest AmiChart optimizations 2003/2/19
- Value display on mouse over defaults to "off" for new styles. You control this option in the Chart Style Properties form under the Plot Area tab. 2003/2/12
- New: AmiChart column charts are now interative! When the user holds the mouse over columns an AmiChart column graph now displays the value that the column represents. You control this option in Chart Style Properties form under the Plot Area tab. The text and color of the displayed values is that set by the "Values Font.." button in the Axes tab.
- New: "Loading" page now looks better and a bar fades in and out while loading.
- Fixed: Font used for the loading message was randomly selected from the set of fonts used in the animation. Now it always uses Arial.
- Fixed an action script error in the "loading" scene which did not affect the operation of the animation but may have caused problems when importing AmiChart SWFs as a movie into other tools.
- Fixed: When previewing larger charts the application occassionally generated a "Floating point invalid operation" error. 2003/2/5
- New: Option to specify whether the zero value is included in the range of data. The default value is on and charts will appear as they always have but turning this off means that the chart will display a much more detailed view of the range of actual data. This makes it much better for displaying trends in data where the "interesting" data is a long way from the zero value eg., stock prices (well I suppose it depends on which stock you're talking about - a lot of stock lately isn't far from zero!). You can get to this option in the Axis tab of the chart style form. 2003/1/25
- Fixed: In the User entered data source form "Series in rows" checkbox now works correctly which fixes problem with occassional "invalid numeric character" message box occuring. 2003/1/22
- New: Category title can now be specified (displayed under the horizontal axis).
- New: Optional subtitle can be associated with a datasource and displayed on a chart.
- New: Alignment of title and subtitle can be specified: left, centered, right
- New: User can now adjust the duration of the animation.
- New: User can specify how many category values to "skip" on the horizontal axis. This allows for more dense data to be graphed without having the category values overlap.
- Enhanced: More division markers and values are now displayed in the vertical axis.
- Fixed: Alignment of values on the horizontal axis was occassionally incorrect when orienation
was set to zero. 2003/1/17
- New: User can specify that labels on the horizontal axis are displayed at various orientations from 0 - 90 degrees. This helps avoid the situation where long labels can run into each other.
- Enhanced: The Chart Style form has been enhanced with a tabbed page control. The many controls that were on the one page previously have been relocated to the appropriate tab in the page control.
- Fixed: After changing the font used for scales AmiChart crashed on exiting. There were no bad effects on the chart database. The database was successfully saved prior to the crash. You could reopen AmiChart and use as normal. You would just get the crash on exiting each time. This has now been fixed - when you upgrade to this version of AmiChart the crash on exit will not occur. 2003/1/9
- Fixed: Legend text was not left justified correctly.
- Fixed: Text was not rendered at the correct font size when playing in a browser.
- Fixed: On opening a font properties dialog the styles (Bold and Italic) were not selected properly. 2002/12/28
- Added: Simple "loading content..." message is now displayed while a chart is downloading instead of having a blank page.
- Added: Changed the way fonts were not being constructed inside the .swf - should be no difference.
- Fixed: Adjusted location of "Series data stored in rows" check box in File Data Source form. 2002/12/16
- Fixed: User entered data form used to hang when deleting a category from the table when no category was selected.
- Fixed: User entered data was verified whenever focus left the table which was annoying! Data is now only verified when the user presses the OK button.
- Fixed: User entered data form: Cell selection was not maintained correctly when clicking "series in rows" button.
- Fixed: When adding series the new series labels were not in proper numerical sequence.
- Fixed: When deleting series the current series was not being updated properly. 2002/12/14
- Added: Font typeface, style and size are configurable for each text element in a chart (Title, legend, units, scales).
- Added: AmiChart now creates a swf and data directory (if they don't already exist) under the AmiChart installation directory. By default .swf and .htm files are created in "swf" and the File browse defaults to the data directory when locating a text data file.
- Fixed: .swf and .htm generation only worked if user specified files that were in the same directory or underdeath the directory in which AmiChart was installed.
- Fixed: Preview failed to work if .swf and .htm files were not located in AmiChart installation directory.
- Fixed: File data source only worked with data files that were in the same directory or underdeath the directory in which AmiChart was installed.
- Added: User is now asked to confirm before deleting a chart.
- Added: User is now asked to confirm before deleting a series or category in a User Entered data source. 2002/12/06
Fixed: Some decimal values like 45354.37 entered into a user entered data source would be displayed as 45354.367453 (for example) due to rounding errors. There was no difference in the display of the chart but the change of the value in the user entered data source might have been confusing to users. The User entered data is now stored without rounding errors.
Enhanced: Small rearrangements on the User Entered Data Source form. 2002/11/29
New: Copy and paste function now much more powerful with ability to specify how AmiChart should treat series and category labels contained in the copied data.
New: Copy and paste function now supports a variety of delimiter characters.
New: Specify the orientation of your data: whether the series appear in rows or in columns. This box lets you arrange the data entry area to match the data you are entering saving you from having to transpose the data as you enter it.
New: Data entry form - improved the function of the Add/Delete series/categories buttons. You can now insert after the selected row/column and delete the selected series/category instead of always adding and deleting from the end.
Improved: Help file updated to enhance the topics dealing with user entered data sources.
Fixed: AmiChart Generator did not generate HTML preview file when running as a Windows app. 2002/11/28
Fixed: AmiChart occasionally crashed when using a Column chart with Fade In animation type when one of the series values was zero. 2002/11/27
NEW: Copy and Paste data from Excel or other spread sheet straight into AmiChart. Use a User Entered data source and hit the "Paste data..." button.
NEW: AmiChart now supports more types of delimiters in text data files: in additionto the traditional CSV (comma delimited) there is now also tab and semicolon delimited. Check the appropriate radio button in the file data source form.
NEW: In a file data source you can specify that the first line is to be ignored. This is useful when reading in text data files that contain column headings in the first line of text.
NEW: Data Source list box entries now include a description of the type of data source: either "data file" or "user entered".
Fixed: When creating a .csv from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet an empty line is created at the end. AmiChart was creating an extra category for which all series had a zero value due to this empty line.
Fixed: Spaces contained in the first column of a .csv datasource used for a two axis graph (typically used for time, day etc.,) were being stripped out. Now they are left in place. For example: "Day Two" used to become "DayTwo".
With new features being added to AmiChart on a regular basis this release occasionally prompts you to check to see if a more recent release is available. 2002/11/22
- Color schemes form: Add, Edit, Delete buttons are enabled only when "User Defined" color scheme is selected. 2002/11/21
- User defined color schemes now supported. Now you can create your own color scheme for chart styles if the none of the preset color schemes are appropriate to your needs.
- Help file updated. 2002/11/15
- Style preview feature implemented. The style window now shows a preview of your chart as you apply different styles to it making it easier and quicker to fine tune your styles to get them just right.
- There is no message box appearnig in the evaluation version when you reach the Finish page. 2002/11/11
- Improved the ordering form. 2002/11/6
- Reduced the height of the "Chart type and animation style" drop down list box to make it easier to select an item.
- Improved the appearance of some icons in the application.
- Fixed missing help link in the color scheme selector.
- Changed wording to "Column" instead of "Bar" chart for vertical columns.
- Positioned Prev/Next buttons closer to the action to save on mouse movement.
- Line graphs are now 4 pixels wide instead of 3 pixels wide.
- Some cosmetic improvements. 2002/10/31
- Optimization: Generated .SWF files are now up to 93% smaller due to some optimizations in the chart generation process. This means much faster downloading for a much higher impact web site.
- Enhanced order handling within the application. 2002/10/30
- Fixed: "Charts with width or height greater than 819 pixels displayed in incorrect position". 2002/10/28
- New Feature: ability to add horizontal grid lines to data area
- New Feature: ability to add veritical alternating grid colors to data area. 2002/10/23
- Fixed "spaces too large" bug when generating charts on some versions of windows.
- Fixed "accented characters (eg. é) cause crash" bug when generating charts on some versions of windows. 2002/10/19
- Fixed "oversize text" problem. On some systems charts were being generated with
extremely large characters at varying orientations making the text unreadable. 2002/10/18
- Enhanced Online Help and provided a link to Technical Support in the Help menu.
- Some cosmetic additions. 2002/10/17

- Data values are modified in the evaluation version. 2002/10/16
- In the naming page both .htm and .html files are listed.
- We have reduced the number of mouse clicks required when creating a chart. Now upon entering the Finish page the chart is automatically generated and no message box appears unless there was an error during creation of the chart. This removes the need for two extra mouse clicks when compared with the previous release and makes the whole operation more intuitive.
- When creating a new chart, on exiting the Style and Data Source pages, if no style or data source has been applied the user will be asked if they want to apply the currently selected item (if an item is selected). This reduces the number of mouse clicks required when creating a new chart.
- Added Help button to CSV file and User Entered Data Source forms. 2002/10/4
- Expiry date of beta version extended till end of October.
- When choosing a .swf filename the .htm filename, if not already set up, is initialized to the same name but with a .htm extension saving a few mouse clicks.
- Pie Chart: added new static style. ie., not animated.
- Pie Chart: move in from outside and rotate style - fixed problem with very wide graphs sometimes having the pie segments visible on the side at the start. 2002/9/19
- Pie Charts feature implemented with a variety of animation effects.
- Fixed problem with data source type form - always resulted in User Entered Data source even if CSV was selected.
- User entered data source form: a default data series is added now so that you don't   get prompted to set up a proper value before exiting the form.
- Data Source forms: You can not delete all the series - there must always be at least one series.
- Data Source forms: Adding a new series adds it immediately after the selected series. 2002/09/10
- Line graph feature added. Now users have the choice of line graphs or bar graphs with various
animation styles.
- Chart properties form now has a graphical display of line and bar graph options.
- User can now specify background, text and scale colors.
- User can now specify that the numbers/text on the x and y scales perform a "slide in" animation
or just fade in.
- The Units are now painted vertically on the vertical axis and are thus more space efficient -
especially for long unit names.
- Text is now bolder so that it is more readable for a wide variety of color combinations. 2002/09/3
- Fixed bug with SWF generation that occassionally resulted in random layer numbers in the display list.
This may have confused the Flash player in certain circumstances with unpredicable results.
- New expiry date on this beta - end of September. 2002/08/11
- Naming field prompts users to enter filenames for .swf and .html if none entered before leaving the page. 2002/08/3

- More refinement of the user interface thanks to more user feedback.
- Fixed problem of numbers in scale occassionally overlapping each other when the range between the max and min values was small.
- Fixed "divide by zero" error when no series were entered in the data source.
- Fixed "invalid floating point number" error when only one data value was present in the data source. 2002/07/26

- Added quality photos to each of the pages to indicate what they are.
- User entered data source now available. In addition to retrieving data from a comma separated file (CSV)
the user can choose to provide data via entry in a form in the application. The data is store in the
chart database and retrieved from there whenever a chart requires it.
- Apply buttons in Style and Data Source pages have been removed. You only need to select an item from
the list box and that item is automatically applied to the current chart.
- < Back and Next > buttons moved to bottom of screen to conform with Windows standard.
- Naming page cleaned up a bit. Beta 2002/07/11

- Massive improvements to the user interface. It is now a much simpler
wizard style interface with < back and next > buttons.
- The frame rate of chart animations has been increased so graphics is much smoother now.
- Online help is now provided.
- User can now specify the name of the generated SWF file.
- User can now specify the name of the HTML page containing the SWF file.
- At generation the chart code within the specified HTML page will be updated to reflect any changes.
- For any chart you can set up "looping" or "play once only".
- Waits for animation to be loaded before playing it. Animations created with the previous version
could appear to freeze when loaded over slow links. This is no longer a problem. Beta 2002/06/26

- initial beta release